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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Grumpy's Top 10 Disney Movies

Hey Guys!

It's been a little while since I last posted – life has been pretty busy! In between attending fitness classes, going to weddings and just general life stuff, I have also started an exciting new job at a large tech company in Brighton.

Exciting times!

If you're thinking "hey, I clicked on this post because you mentioned your Boyfriend (Grumpy) in the title, I don't care what you've been up to"... then have no fear, the wait is over.

Grumpy sampling the Donald Duck Ice Lolly at Shanghai Disneyland, 2016
My Disney-disliking 'Grumpy' Boyfriend is taking over the reins today with his "Top 10 Disney Movies."

Getting him to put this together was... well, let's just say 'challenging'.

What can I say except, you're welcome.


– M

1. The Lion King
Image Credit: Disney Screencaps

"I liked it when I was a kid." - Grumpy

2. Robin Hood
Image Credit: Disney Screencaps
"The same reason as above." - Grumpy

3. The Jungle Book
Image Credit: Animation Screencaps
"I like this film, apart from the shit snake." - Grumpy

4. Sleeping Beauty
Image Credit: Animation Screencaps
"For a Princess movie, it's pretty action packed. When I was a kid, I liked Prince Philip and all the thorns and stuff." - Grumpy

5. Frozen
Image Credit: Disney Screencaps
"I quite liked the live show at California Adventure." - Grumpy

6. Wreck It Ralph
Image Credit: Animation Screencaps
"The concept is interesting and it's quite funny." - Grumpy

7.  Sword in The Stone
Image Credit: Animation Screencaps
"I don't remember why I liked this, but I watched it a lot as a kid." - Grumpy

8. Aladdin
Image Credit: Disney Screencaps
"I never really watched the animation as a kid, but I like the live action." - Grumpy

9. Toy Story
Image Credit: Animation Screencaps
"I like the Toy Story films but Jessie annoys me." - Grumpy

10. Peter Pan
Image Credit: Animation Screencaps
"When I was a kid, I liked the flying." - Grumpy

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