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Monday, 24 June 2019

My favourite Disney Princesses… revisited!


If you have been a follower of the My Disney Blog for a while, you may remember my original Top 5 Disney Princess post a little while back.

As a pretty opinionated, but easily influenced person, my favourite things can often be quite interchangeable, so I really wanted to go back and revisit this post to examine my favourite Disney Princesses right now, and see if they’re the same as before!

The list is mostly unchanged...

Previous Favourites:

1. Princess Jasmine
2. Belle
3. Pocahontas
4. Princess Aurora
5. Merida

Current Favourites:

1. Princess Jasmine
2. Belle
3. Princess Aurora
4. Elsa
5. Pocahontas

Obviously the list has shuffled around a little, but the real big change is the removal of Merida and the addition of our very own Snow Queen, Elsa. I suppose technically both Elsa and her little sister Anna are not included in the official Disney Princess line-up, as Frozen is very much considered it’s own franchise but, for the purposes of this list, I wanted to include them regardless.

So... Queen Elsa. 

What is it about her that I really like? And why has she replaced Merida in my Top 5?

Monday, 10 June 2019

My 28th Birthday

28! I can't quite believe it, can you?!

I have had the best week celebrating in style with my family and friends, eating, drinking, and partaking in much silliness!

As with previous years, this post is a little celebration of the lovely gifts that I received for my Birthday that are (naturally) DISNEY THEMED!

I should also just add that this post is in no way meant to be 'boastful' or come across as bragging at all. I'm incredibly touched by the generosity of my loved ones year after year, and know how much you all love finding out about cool Disney products and merchandise so this post always seems like a lovely way of blending the two things together!

Without further ado, let's get stuck in!

AladdinXPrimark Make Up Bag from my lovely friend and ChatDisney co-host, Tash
With the release of the live action Aladdin last month, and Jasmine being my all time favourite Disney princess, I received lots of lovely bits and pieces featuring the characters of Agrabah - perfect timing Disney! My friends Tash, Steph and Dan all bought me beauty pieces from the AladdinXPrimark collection which I was thrilled about as every time I popped in there, they had sold out!