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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Happy 90th Birthday Mickey!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably noticed over the last few weeks that there has been a lot of celebration for one particular mouse...

That's right. On Sunday 18th November, Mickey Mouse celebrated his 90th Birthday!

Of course I needed to celebrate the occasion, so I ventured into the capital with my Mum and Sister in tow, and we visited a wonderful little pop up art exhibit at The Black and White Building in trendy Shoreditch; the theme of the exhibit? Why Mickey of course...

Disney had organised the exhibit, and the artists exhibiting used a range of different techniques to capture Mickey in action; it was really refreshing to see such a diverse display of pieces, all effectively conveying the lifecycle and evolution of one of pop culture's most recognisable characters.

One of the seven original posters available for purchase via auction
In addition to the bespoke works that were being displayed, there was also an auction room with some original, vintage posters available. 

If I had £40,000 to spare, I most definitely would have picked up a few...

And, amongst all of the wonderful Mickey pieces, there was also one dedicated to the man behind the mouse; a gorgeous, hand-drawn sketch that I particularly liked as I felt that it really paid homage to the art form that made Walt such a success in the first place!

I'm not usually the 'art gallery' type (despite my last office being literally, inside a gallery) preferring stately homes and museums when needing a little culture! But the accessibility of the subject matter on showcase here, made for a really enjoyable afternoon and who knows, perhaps this won't be my last gallery visit...

Happy Birthday Mickey.

- Mercedes

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

5 Things Nobody Tells You Before Your Disneyland Trip...

Hey lovely Disneys,

I hope you’re all having a wonderful autumn… Christmas fever is well and truly upon us at the moment! Have things already started feeling festive in your home?

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Christmas fan – usually, I’m definitely more Buddy The Elf than Scrooge however, for this post, I’m channelling my inner Grinch and will be discussing the less glamorous side of Disney parks with those little niggles that nobody ever really shares. Plus, a few nuggets of wisdom that will hopefully help you to combat the problematic scenarios listed below.

Enjoy – and if you have anything to share to this list, remember to add your thoughts in the comments section below!

- Mercedes x

Five things nobody tells you about visiting a Disney Park

1)   Queuing sucks...

So this one is not exactly a huge secret – we all know how rubbish queues at Theme Parks can be, and Disneyland is no exception to this.

After finding that all the fastpasses had sold out for the recently opened Toy Story Mania during my 2012 to Walt Disney World, I unwillingly entered the three hour queue for the attraction only to be thoroughly disappointed and underwhelmed at the attraction which – whilst awesome – only lasted a measly few minutes…

Would you queue for an hour to ride the teacups?
Image Credit: Skylar Sahakia

Do not let yourself become this person.

Plan ahead. Utilise fastpasses, visit the parks off peak, ride during parade time, bring activities for little ones, and big kids too! Do not get caught out by queuing, which sadly, can be inevitable.

During my last trip to Alton Towers with my Sister and Grumpy, we rather naively decided to go the Saturday before Halloween… you can imagine how busy the place was. The shortest queues were between 60 and 90 minutes long and some of the longest… over three hours.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT let your holiday become standing in line. Not worth your time.