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Friday, 3 August 2018

shopDisney is now LIVE!

Hey Howdy Hey!

What an exciting week is has been; after much anticipation, shopDisney is HERE!

There has been much speculation about what exactly shopDisney is and how it differs from The Disney Store, and now that it's live, I think I have a pretty good understanding...

and it's just AMAZING.

You can now purchase your favourite Disney Parks items and more from shopDisney
Image Credit: Disney

For a while now, it has been evident to us 'Disneys' that the company behind the Mouse were clearly deciding to make a change of direction with regards to merchandise. Guided by the closure of many Disney Stores across the UK, Disney have been doing A LOT of partnerships with existing brands recently...

I'm thinking DisneyXCathKidston, DisneyXPandora... heck even DisneyXPrimark! 

I thought, as we all did, that these partnerships were a fabulous idea with regards to sales and marketing... get Disney all across the High Street and surely you will make more revenue... piece of cake! That must have been the logic behind it, right? But to my utter amazement, the geniuses at Disney have taken it one step further, as ever, in the way that only Disney can!

Enter shopDisney...

shopDisney is an online hub for everything Disney! I'm talking Disney Store merchandise PLUS Disney Parks and Resorts paraphernalia and of course, those very, very successful partnership items! So whilst your next browsing shopDisney for which Disney Mug you want to add to your collection, why not add a brand new Danielle Nicole Passport Cover also? Or a Hype backpack for the new term in September!