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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Top 5 DisneyXHype Items

Hey Y'all,

I hope you're all well and enjoying the INSANELY hot weather we are having here in the UK! 

Amongst Love Island, the crazy hot weather and Wedding season, you may have missed the launch of the DisneyXHype collection last week...

Photo Credit: Haddon PR

If so, you really should head over to and check it out; there are some awesome pieces in this collaboration.

Here are a few of my favourites...

- Mercedes

5.  Hype White Dalamatians Backpack

I talk a lot about ‘subtle’ Disney when I’m reviewing products or discussing new collaborations and launches. My Grumpy, Disney-hating Boyfriend will often roll his eyes at me…

“How can Disney ever be subtle?”

Well, I truly believe that Hype have captured precisely what I mean in this awesome design; subtle Disney at it’s finest!

From a far, we have a very simple, paint-splattered, monotone rucksack but to the more trained eye, the addition of small, Disney Dalmatian puppies, make for a unique, quirky and innovative design and overall concept. Love, love, love!

4. Hype White Daisy Dad Hat

Daisy Duck is, in my most humble opinion, a Disney character that does not get the full love she deserves! Glam, sassy and long established, this is one individual that should always have the spotlight, so what better way to celebrate her by showing the love with this awesome hat by Hype!

I actually had a similar hat to this in the late 90s! After a bout of dehydration and travel sickness on my family holiday to WDW that resulted in me throwing up in my sun hat, my Mum and Dad purchased a baseball cap for me on Main Street U.S.A. at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, super similar to this one!

…lovely memories!

I’d totally rock this look again and would definitely consider purchasing this to keep away those Floridian rays!

3. Hype Multi Buzz Box Backpack

To infinity, and beyond! What to say about this AWESOME rucksack! I mean, just look at it! It’s spectacular!

The authenticity on this one is incomparable; it looks totally like Buzz’s packaging box in the original Toy Story movie.

Great job on this one guys!

2. Hype Pink Tinkerbell Rucksack

This bag is everything! I need it in my life.

Holographic, unicorn style, millennial pink meets everybody’s favourite Neverland Pixie! What’s not to love?

I really, really like this but I’m not sure I would get too much use out of it if truth be told…

Unless you guys think it’s passable for Client meetings?

1. Hype Red Minnie Rucksack

And this is what it’s all about. This is the ‘showstopper’ right here. Forget subtlety, forget carefully crafted, clever collaborations – when iconic brands such as Hype take on the Mouse, THIS is what the people want to see.

And it’s wonderful.

I would have absolutely no shame in walking around the Disney Parks (or my hometown Brighton) wearing this amazing bag… in fact, I would be proud to do so!

It’s epic, pretty simplistic in terms of concept but it just works.


All of the above items plus more from the DisneyXHype collection can be purchased over at and from most Hype stockists.

*This was a collaborative post on behalf of Hype.

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