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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Countdown to Disneyland Paris...

Hey everyone!

It's January. *Sigh*

I'm back to work, the weather is miserable, I'm attempting to drink more water, the gym is packed and my 'temporary' 2018 diet has begun...

How depressing!

I'd say this means that it's the perfect time for a little Disneyland pick me up, wouldn't you?

If you've already read my Christmas blog post, then you will know that my (not-so-Grumpy) Boyfriend is treating me to an amazing trip to Disneyland Paris this month: I can't believe it!

With just 20 days to go, I'm already planning out our itinerary and making dining reservations for during our stay. 

In my sheer excitement, I thought you might be interested to hear what I have planned so far...

As a general overview, I'm hoping that we can do the following during our stay:

Wednesday: Arrive at Disneyland - Spend the day at Disneyland Paris Park

Thursday: Spend the day at Walt Disney Studios
Friday: Spend the day at Disneyland Paris Park - maybe Val d'Europe too?

Saturday: Day Trip to Paris (Depending on how much we have done!)
Sunday: Disney Village Shopping and favourite attractions - Go Home!

During our stay, we will be staying on-site at Disneyland for four nights (honestly, has my Boyfriend been replaced with a Disney-loving-cyborg-clone?) which is amazing as it means that we can fully enjoy extra perks such as Extra Magic Hours which I feel is highly beneficial!

Chez Rémy in Walt Disney Studios
Image Credit: Disneyland Paris
As my last trip to Disneyland Paris was in February 2016, this will be the first time that I'm visiting Disneyland without breakfast included in the cost of our stay...

Because of this, I'm currently weighing up the idea of opting in for a Meal Plan with a view of using it to dine at Chez Remy's and Captain Jack's... I'll keep you posted!

Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris
Image Credit: Disneyland Paris
I'm a little gutted as Phantom Manor will be closed during our stay however, Pirates of The Caribbean, Star Tours and Big Thunder Mountain were closed last time that I visited so I will be incredibly pleased to ride these attractions once again... and with their new updates!

As my other half has only ever been to Disneyland once before (and it was in 2016 during our trip to Shanghai) he has absolutely no idea of what to expect in the way of attractions and entertainment...


I'm really excited to see how he likes Disneyland Paris. My predictions are that he will love Star Tours, Space Mountain, The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Crush's Coaster and The Tower of Terror... 

I am pretty sure that we will also be unified in our mutual hatred for It's a Small World.

We shall see if I'm right upon our return!

The brand new parade for Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary
Image Credit: Disneyland Paris
Whilst we are away, we will be able to enjoy both the 25th Anniversary Celebrations and Season of The Force; as two Star Wars fans, both my Boyfriend and I are really looking forward to this! I'm also so pleased that I am able to make the 25th Anniversary after all...

I had originally planned to visit last year with my family but unfortunately, life got in the way! This is why my Boyfriend very generously gifted me the trip for Christmas - he knew how much it meant to me to visit during the 25th Celebrations!

And voila!

If you have any questions about my trip or there is anything you would like me to feature on the blog upon my return, let me know in the comments section and I will do my best to answer you.

And remember, you can catch all of the highlights over on my Twitter and Instagram accounts during my trip!



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