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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas Gift Inspiration!

Hey Everybody!

Finally December is here! After having a pretty stressful couple of weeks (which I shan't bore you all with), I'm super excited to celebrate the beginning of the Festive Season; Christmas is almost here and it will hopefully be a welcome new chapter for me!

Our Beautiful Christmas Tree! I decorated the Tree on the 1st December with help from my little Sister!
One of my all time favourite things about Christmas is purchasing everybody's Christmas presents and getting them all wrapped up to place under the tree! I have quite a small family so we tend to go a little bit nuts on each other! Having said this, since Grumpy and I have been together, I now have lots more people to buy for which is super exciting - between the two of us, we have three sisters to buy for - YAY! Consequently, Christmas present purchasing is now a military operation! Excel Spreadsheet at the ready...

The purpose of this post is to give you a little bit of inspiration as to what to buy for the Disney lover in your life. Or perhaps like me, you too are Disney mad and your loved ones have no clue what to get you... you can simply link them directly to this post for ideas if you like. You're welcome!

Enjoy! And if you have any ideas of the perfect Christmas presents for Disney fans, let me know in the comments below!

A gift for the 'keen Cook'...
Delicious Onion Rolls:
Laura and Tom's amazing 'Be Our Guest' Dinner Party was fabulous!

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will have seen that last weekend, some good friends cooked Grumpy and I the most amazing Beauty and The Beast inspired three course meal! Their beautiful crockery (featured in the photo above) is the gorgeous Be Our Guest range which was exclusive to WDW until very recently... now it can be yours to take home with you, courtesy of The Disney Store!

View the range here. Prices from £9.99
Photo Credit: The Disney Store
The collection includes plates, mugs, bowls and serving dishes; any of these items would make the most perfect gift for the Disney loving chef in your life! And, they'll be so pleased with their new crockery that they're almost certain to invite you over for dinner!

A gift for the 'Pro Baker'...
As the month's get cooler, I absolutely adore baking! Check out this adorable Gingerbread House that My Sister and I made at the weekend:

Cute, right?

The only thing that I love more than Baking is incorporating Disney elements into my Baking! I'm pretty certain that I am not alone in this... there are lots of us on Pinterest! 

Cookie Cutters are a really simple way to get some Disney magic weaved into your bakes and they make for a pretty inexpensive stocking filler too!

Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutter: £5.98 including Postage
Photo Credit: Amazon
Have a look around online and see what you can find! I myself have a Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter, similar to the one pictured above, that I am planning on using to make Gingerbread cookies... watch this space!

Gingerbread Mickey Cookies!
Photo Credit: Disney
The baker in your life will be super grateful and it gives them an excuse to get the mixing bowl out so that you can sample some more treats!

A gift for the 'Fashionista'...
Disney Collaborations are absolutely everywhere on the high street right now: from Primark to Givenchy, there is definitely a Disney product to suit every taste and budget out there! I am absolutely in love with this cute Daisy Tee from Cath Kidston.

Daisy Duck Tee: £50
Photo Credit: Cath Kidston

I really like this top as it's understated and features Daisy who I feel doesn't get very much coverage on Disney merchandise! You could totally dress it up or down, it's a staple piece! Also, you know that when you purchase Cath Kidston clothing, the quality is going to be very good. I would highly recommend this top or any of the fab pieces from their latest Disney Collection.

A gift for 'The Collector'...
If you have an uber Disney fan to buy for and you're worried that you may buy something for them that they already have, why not purchase something brand new for them! My best friend Tash has a collection of Minnie Mouse plushies that she frequently adds to; her collection includes each of the limited edition Disney Store Minnie plushies that are released at Christmas time. They also bring out a Mickey plushie each Christmas too; this makes the perfect gift for you to treat your super Disney fan to!

Mickey Mouse Plush, Christmas 2017: £20.99 (plus £2.95 for Personalisation)
Photo Credit: The Disney Store
Alternatively, a Christmas ornament is also another lovely idea! Grumpy's Mum very generously gifted me the gorgeous Disney Store Cinderella Glass Slipper this year which is sitting very proudly on our Christmas tree. I think it's currently sold out online but if you have a Disney Store nearby, it's definitely worth a check! The Disney Store release new ornaments each year so you can buy something totally new and unique for your loved one.

Spot The Glass Slipper nestled in the branches!

Finally, another very special 'collector' style item has arrived on the UK market this Christmas:


For anybody with a Pandora Bracelet that is a Disney fan, this is an easy win in the present stakes! There are a variety of charms to suit individual tastes so get browsing!
View the Collection here!
Photo Credit: Pandora 

A gift for the 'Selfie Queen'...
Modern technology dictates that we simply *must* have the latest iPhone or Apple Watch each year for Christmas but with budgets getting tighter and tighter, and these items becoming more and more expensive, this is not always feasible! Instead, why not refresh your existing tech with some much needed Disney Magic.

Dumbo iPhone Case: £12
Photo Credit: ASOS
iPhone cases are a really simple and cost effective way to give your items a much needed update! Alternatively, vinyl stickies, laptop cases and headphones are also items worth exploring.

 A gift for 'The Commuter'...
Let's face it, whatever way you dress it up, commuting SUCKS! Whether it's train, tube or bus, we all hate doing it! Do something amazing for your Disney loving, commuting friend this Christmas by purchasing them their very own travel cup!

The Little Mermaid Travel Cup: £11.99
Photo Credit: ASOS

There are loads of different styles and shapes available so I am confident that you will find one that is absolutely perfect for them.

Star Wars R2D2 Travel Cup: £7.99
Photo Credit: Aldi
Make their Christmas with the gift of a Coffee fuelled morning!

Hopefully you have found this list helpful or inspiring for your Christmas purchasing or wish list! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a magical week!

- Mercedes x

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