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Friday, 17 November 2017

MickeyXCathKidston... again!

Hey everybody!

It's almost that time of year... Christmas! The festive season is well and truly upon us.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a really pleasant evening in my hometown, Brighton, celebrating the switching on of the Town Centre Christmas lights and of course, arguably more importantly, the launch of Cath Kidston's second Mickey Mouse Collection and the first 'out-of-hours' event at the brand new Cath Kidston Brighton store!

Image Credit: Cath Kidston

With the store closing early and the Cath Kidston employees frantically trying to get all of the, much sought after, stock out and onto the shop floor before the event commenced at 7pm, I was eagerly waiting in line waiting for the doors to open! I was not disappointed.

Image Credit: Cath Kidston
The Collection this time is by far my favourite of the DisneyXCathKidston releases to date! I absolutely adore the Navy Leather Mickey Mouse Backpack featured in the promo shot above however at £150, it is a little out of my price range just ahead of Christmas! It's typical - I worked for Cath Kidston for two years and as soon as I left, they began collaborating with Disney! What are the chances!

I made a few purchases (well, enough to get me that free tote bag!) including the Laptop Case, Tea Towels and Daisy Duck Mug as I realised, I don't own any merchandise with Daisy featured! I was also pretty shocked when I realised that the collection did not feature one of Mickey's companions... Goofy! Perhaps they're saving him for a future release? I sincerely hope not as I have never been a fan of the oversized, clumsy, buffoon if truth be told! 

I am normally pretty accurate with my guesses for Future CK releases; I called 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan and I also speculated that Donald and Daisy would launch just in time for Christmas which you can read about here. My guess for the next collection? 

Alice in Wonderland.
The Daisy Duck Mug was a must have for me!
Image Credit: Cath Kidston!
After much chatting with my former colleagues, a purchase (or two or three) and very long browse, I made my way home, my hands a little heavier, my purse a little lighter.

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