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Thursday, 27 July 2017

DisneyXCathKidston: What will they think of next?

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! It's been a while...

I haven't abandoned you all; I promise! I have actually been super busy at work recently and just generally, my life has been a bit hectic! I arrived back from my holiday in Turkey about two weeks ago and since then, I have had so much on that my writing on the blog has been admittedly, quite neglected.

I apologise.

On a more positive note, I opened up my emails yesterday to find some awesome news from our friends at Cath Kidston:

Come with us to Neverland...
Source: Cath Kidston Email Campaign

I am beyond, beyond excited about this range, mostly because Tinkerbell is one of my all time favourite Disney characters (and that print of hers... adorable!) but also, because, well, plain and simply, I predicted this a while ago...

That's right, my expert Disney knowledge married with the fact that I use to be a member of store management for two years at Cath Kidston, Brighton, meant that I could see this collaboration coming a mile away...

Let me tell you how...

101 Dalmatians Tote Bag
Source: Cath Kidston
Winnie The Pooh, 101 Dalmatians... what do they both have in common? Yes, they are both Disney movies which have recently enjoyed their own collaborative collections with Cath Kidston but also, they are both classic, British stories. From the 100 Acre Wood to residential London, both of these narratives are ultimately British at heart...

Something very dear to the Cath Kidston brand.

During customer service training as an employee at Cath Kidston, we were constantly reminded that the brand was quintessentially British and how important that is. This really is a quality that the brand truly hope to harness as they branch out across the world, internationally. All of the designs and prints that Cath Kidston produce are created in house, in London, and this authentic aspect of the brand is why, I feel, that it has become so popular across China, Japan and well, the world. It's a little piece of Britain that everybody can take home with them and when exclusives are launched such as The Royal Wedding or Jubilee Collections or even that infamous Brighton Beach print, everybody wants a slice of the awesome British cake!

It is this quality, and the emphasis that Cath Kidston place upon it, that is simply how I knew that PeterPanxCathKidston was coming! Despite the one anomaly in the pattern (The Mickey and Minnie Collection) so far, all of the collaborations that Cath have enjoyed with Disney have been traditional, hand drawn animation styles set in the heart of all things Britain. Peter Pan, with it's setting in early 20th Century London, was the obvious next choice and I am so glad that they went down this path to Neverland...

So what's next? I have in fact had a think about what could be next (if anything!) and have narrowed it down to the following...

Disney Screencaps
I think Alice is probably the most obvious choice. Whilst the majority of the movie is set in Wonderland, that's not so dissimilar from Neverland? The parallels between the two movies are very distintictive:
  • Both are Disney movies set in England that transport you to 'another land'.
  • Both were traditional Children's stories by famous British writers before they were adapted by Disney.
  • Both were released during the Silver Age of Disney and have similar animation styles.
  • Wendy, Alice... need I say more?
Yes, I am going to put my neck out here and say that an Alice in Wonderland collaboration with Cath Kidston is more than likely.

Mary Poppins
Disney Screencaps
So this one has been speculated a lot recently after people have caught on to the 'British' angle featured in these collaborations, and whilst I would love to see Mary and the entourage from Cherry Tree Lane in a CK print (plus it would tie in nicely with the new Emily Blunt movie) I just can't see it somehow. With the exception of the Penguins, Mary and Co are all live actors and therefore, this would involve Cath Kidston creating illustrations on behalf of Disney...

Can't see it.

Whilst a penguin print isn't totally out of the realms of possibility, I think this is highly unlikely.

Disney Screencaps

Now I know this one totally goes against my whole 'British stories for a British brand' theory but I can just totally see this working! Similarly to the Winnie The Pooh collaboration, Bambi is a well loved, cute, fuzzy animal which is totally another angle that Cath uses in their prints... have you seen the Stanley and Billie prints!?

Bambi is also pretty 'location-less' in the same way that Minnie and Mickey are, so I can see this working for the Cath Kidston brand and not getting in the way of their roots.

Watch this space...

Robin Hood
Disney Screencaps

Possible but highly unlikely. I cannot imagine the bow and arrow clad Fox appearing on a CK handbag anytime soon. Although not completely outside of the realms of possibility, I just don't think this movie commands the popularity needed in order to make this desirable for a Cath Kidston collaboration.

Basil The Great Mouse Detective
Disney Screencaps

No, no, definitely not. They call this the 'dark age' of Disney for a reason.

Disney Screencaps
Other theories of mine include Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty; I think that in terms of aesthetic, these two movies would lend themselves the most nicely to a Cath Kidston collaboration... I can almost envision a blue bird and mouse 'Cinderelly' print in my mind! Plus, Princesses sell. Simple! But they are both set in France and Germany respectively, so CK may object. 

Also, on the speculated Aristocats front, it's rumoured that Cath Kidston herself always said that she would never produce a cat print as she is a firm dog lover... whilst that cannot be true as a CK cat print now exists, I think the Dalmatians are much more Cath than the characters from The Aristocats. Not impossible but not likely.

My last hunch is something much more simple like a Donald and Daisy Duck print - similar to the Mickey and Minnie collection that CK had huge success with.

Which CK collaboration do you think is next?

Let me know in the comments below!

Mercedes x

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