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Friday, 5 May 2017

What's your favourite Disney movie?

Hey everybody!

I hope you're all enjoying the much improved Spring weather. I for one am so glad that it's actually light when I get home from work now!

Aside from the Disney Parks, another aspect of The Walt Disney Company that I often get asked about is the films! And more specifically, what is...


Mickey during the Sorcerer's Apprentice portion of Walt Disney's Fantasia (1940)
Disney Screencaps
This is, as I am sure you can imagine, a very difficult question for me to answer but I have managed to compile a list of my Top Ten Disney Movies as of this present moment... 

ask me again in a few weeks time and it will have no doubt changed somewhat!

To be clear, this list comprises of the 56 Official Animated Classics only, ranging from Walt Disney's first animated feature length film Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937), right up to Moana (2016)

There are no live action movies included in this list, sorry Mary Poppins! And there are also no acquired studio's films featured either... that means you too Toy Story!

So, without further ado, here are my Top Ten Disney Movies. Enjoy!

- Mercedes 

10. Frozen (2013)
Anna and Elsa enjoy a happy moment together at the end of Walt Disney's Frozen (2013)
Disney Screencaps
Let's kick off the list with the highest grossing animated movie of all time shall we? The infamous Frozen is featured on my list, right here, in 10th Place. 

It was quite bitter sweet for me, composing this list and realising that despite my persistence that 'I don't really get what all the hype is about', Frozen was actually featured on it!

I adore the gorgeous music featured within Frozen: the whimsical scores, synonymous with Disney classics; the big, Broadway style musical numbers brought to us by the brilliant Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez and of course, the more modern use of Guitar, subtly weaved in throughout. Combine the awesome music with the magical quality of the animation and fully realised characterisations of Anna, Elsa and Olaf, and this movie quickly becomes the beautiful, memorable, timeless classic that we all know and love.

Olaf meets Sven and "Sven" in Walt Disney's Frozen
Disney Screencaps
But, not only has Frozen got the music, the aesthetic and the characters, I believe that it's Frozen's forward thinking plot, perfect for children growing up in the 21st Century, that truly encompasses why Frozen is just so unique.