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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Top Five Disney Valentine's Gift Ideas

It's exactly one week to go until Valentine's Day so if you haven't yet made your dining reservations, made arrangements for flowers and picked up your greetings card, I suggest you do so soon!

As a devotee to all things Disney and self professed romantic, I thought I'd dedicate this post to the cupid season...

Single? Why not treat your BFF this Valentine's Day with a little Disney magic!

Here are my Top Five Disney Valentine's Day Gift Ideas... and if you don't have a significant other, go ahead and spoil yourself rotten, or a friend, with these beauties!

Mercedes xXx

1. Beauty and The Beast Inspired Rose Jar
Courtesy of The Belle Jar Company
Nothing says I love you like a single red rose and luckily, with their beautiful creations inspired by the iconic rose from Disney's Beauty and The Beast, The Belle Jar Company have got you covered! Well, almost covered... they're currently taking last orders for Mother's Day! I'm afraid you have missed the Valentine's Day rush...

But hope is not lost! If you're crafty and want to recreate this gorgeous piece at home, there is a ton of inspiration on Pinterest for you to pour through.

If however, like me, you're a little hap-hazard with the ol' glue gun, then it might be an idea to save this idea for Valentine's Day 2018 or another special occasion!

2. Disney Chocolates

Another Valentine's Day favourite; you can never go wrong with some nice chocolates! And I happen to think that these Minnie and Mickey chocolates are perfection! I was gifted these by my Mum who saw them whilst on holiday in The Canary Islands but I have also spotted these myself at several different stores around Europe...

Fear not! You will not have to book a flight just to pick up these scrummy treats; fortunately, you can pick up similar items at most UK grocery stores.

Or, if all else fails... why not bake your own delicious Disney treats!

Christmas Cookies baked by me! Why not swap the Christmas Trees and Snowmen for Hearts and Cupids!

3. Disney Jewellery 
The beautiful Disney Couture Castle necklace that I received for my 18th Birthday

If you're celebrating an extra special Valentine's Day this year and really want to impress, you can't go wrong with some gorgeous Jewellery.

Disney Couture have an amazing range which is updated seasonally. The latest pieces include a beautiful collection inspired by Disney's Beauty and The Beast in conjunction with the release of the new live action movie debuting in March of this year. The collection is truly wonderful and you can check it out here.

My favourite piece?

This beautiful rose gold necklace inspired by The Beast's single rose in the movie.

Alternatively, for the more modest budget, Etsy is another great place to check out Disney inspired jewellery. So go ahead and explore...

My beautiful necklace inspired by Beauty and The Beast by Alice Vitrum on Etsy

4. Breakfast in Bed

Valentine's Day needn't be an expensive day; money cannot buy love and there are always small, meaningful gestures that you can do that will still be just as extra special for your partner! Why not cook them up a Disney inspired breakfast in bed...
My Mickey shaped Pancakes from Shrove Tuesday last year!
Or, if Mickey waffles and pancakes aren't really your thing, why not try a Disney inspired three course meal? To start, you could prepare 'the grey stuff', I hear it's delicious! Followed by Spaghetti and Meatballs straight out of Tony's from Lady and The Tramp, all topped off with some of Tiana's delicious beignets! Alternatively, why not make your favourite Disney Park food with some little help from the people over at Disney Food Blog.

The possibilities are endless!

5. Disney Trip

My special Birthday trip to see Aladdin The Musical in London
Okay, so I'm not suggesting that you sweep your loved one off on an all expenses paid for trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando... but why not bring a little Disney magic to your home town... or near enough! This is especially a great idea if perhaps you're planning something quite magical yourself this Valentine's Day...

If you're living in England and can easily get to the capital, London is a fabulous place to introduce a little Disney magic into your ordinary day!

Both Disney's The Lion King and Aladdin are currently showing in London's West End; whilst tickets aren't cheap, this is definitely a great idea for anybody wanting to push the figurative boat out and have an unforgettable experience this Valentine's Day.

For dining options, why not bring Disneyland to you and splash out at Rainforest CafĂ© or Planet Hollywood, both Disney favourites from the US, right here in the UK! The Universal lovers amongst you may also be tempted by London's Bubba Gump restaurant in Piccadilly which is every bit as yummy as it's US counterparts.

If you're a big Princess at heart, you may also be interested in passing through Harrods on your way around London as they now have their very own Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

If, like me, you're a little old for a makeover now, it can still be fun to swing by and see all of the gorgeous, Disney inspired decor that adorns the place. There is also a Disney Store in Harrods next door...

Or of course, The Disney Store on Oxford Street is also a popular spot for Disney fans visiting London so make sure you visit the number one shopping destination for any Disney fan during your trip.

...and that's a wrap! I hope you have found this post helpful! Let me know in the comments how you plan on spending your Valentine's Day this year and if there will be any Disney influences involved.

Have a good one xXx

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