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Sunday, 24 July 2016

What if Pokémon Go was Disney?


Apologies for the lack of posts recently; I've been a little preoccupied on holiday enjoying the beautiful Spanish rays, and a tan is not all I've been catching...

I have recently acquired a new hobby, one that I am sure I am not alone in:

It has literally taken over my life. 

I have evolved from Mercedes Lois Bull, 25 year old female living in Hove and complete devotee to all things Disney into, Username: MercedesLois, a 25 year old, accident-prone zombie who likes wandering aimlessly around the South of England and has become a little bit of a 'Pokémon-hunting' extraordinaire!

I really am obsessed.
I have been reading the coverage on the world's most popular gaming app and what I keep stumbling across is news on how popular the app has been at Disney parks

It's unsurprising really; a large group of fun-loving fanatics, all vacationing at 'the happiest place on earth', standing around in queues all day and walking for the rest of the time... of course such a time-waster and on this large a scale, with such an active nature, would be an instant hit with 'park-goers'.

This Fairy Tale Life
has even produced the ultimate guide to Pokémon Go at Disneyland which you can read here!

This Fairy Tale Life's Guide to Playing at Disneyland

Over at WDW Info, they've gone a step further and discussed whether or not they believe it would be viable or even profitable for Disney to create a Pokémon Go style app in the future which you can read more about here

Unsurprisingly, my overactive imagination has already gone a step further than that and thought what it would be like if Pokémon Go was Disney inspired...

imagine the characters you could capture.

We'll start off with the core three starter Pokémon...

SquirtleBulbasaur and Charmander

I think the Squirtle/Squirt crossover is a pretty obvious one. Sadly the creator of the awesome 'mash-up' artwork pictured above isn't credited but I had to feature it all the same. It's perfection and I personally would absolutely love to catch this little guy in a Disney inspired version of the game!

For Bublasaur I instantly thought of Prince Naveen... in frog form naturally. It would also be pretty cool if he could then evolve into his human form, don't you think?

And finally, Charmander was a little harder for me to place in the Disney Universe but I think he would definitely double up with our favourite lizard... I mean dragon, Mushu! As for evolution, perhaps he could become 'The Great Stone Dragon' as he had always dreamed...

After spending time thinking about the core characters and how they would fit into the Disney Universe, I then moved on to the lesser known (yet more frequently spawning) Pokémon such as Rattata and Pidgey and one movie immediately sprung to mind...

Walt Disney's Cinderella

Whilst I am aware that Cinderella's companions are not vermin, this supporting cast would definitely be the equivalent in a Disney orientated game... could you deal with the frustration after catching you're 72nd Gus Gus! 

And Spearow? Well I think Spearow would lend itself quite nicely as being one of Jasmine's caged bluebirds...

Krista Staggs Artwork

I really have spent a long time thinking about this whole Pokémon/Disney 'mash-up' universe and it seems I am not the only one. Krista Staggs has a whole series of Pokémon  and Disney crossover artwork which you can see here. It's really imaginative, beautiful artwork that I advise you check out. I agree with the majority of her crossovers...

As for the in game backpack items, I also have some ideas about those - imagine luring your 'Disney-mons' in with Dole Whips, Churros and Mickey Ice Creams! Stardust would also naturally become Pixie Dust and 'candies', gems or coins I should think!

I really would be interested to hear about your 
Pokémon Go experiences, specifically in relation to Disney! Have you played in a park yet? Or perhaps there's another hybrid character you've created in your head? Maybe your Pokémon would be lured in by Turkey Legs?

Let me know in the comments and, happy 
Pokémon hunting!

Oh, and quickly, for those of you that are interested here is my Pokémon update as of now:

Level 17 (Half way through)
Top 3 CP 
Pokémon : 1062, Hypno - 1021, Clefable - 812, Pidgeot
Pokémon caught: 72

- MercedesLois

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