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Monday, 13 June 2016

Our first look at: MOANA

I am super excited about our first look at Disney's Moana. The first teaser trailer was released last night and I think the animation looks beautiful! Here are my thoughts so far...

Concept Art of Moana

After watching the trailer, I can already tell that this movie is going to be a firm favourite of mine. From the traditional Polynesian music which shapes the film's overall aesthetic, to the 'Hercules-esque' tattoo illustrations on Mauri's body which are used as a clever storytelling device, I am MEGA excited to see this and have very high expectations. It's release date is November which can not come soon enough!

I myself come from a hispanic background. I have brunette hair, tanned skin, and dark eyes. Growing up, Princess Jasmine and Pocahontas were always my favourite of the Disney Princesses. Now you may argue that this was because they were the Princesses of my childhood and at 25 years old, yes, they definitely were. However, I think it is indisputable that little girl's all over the world warm to the Disney Princess that looks most like them; it's no suprise that my little sister Morgan, with her mass of untameable curly hair is a very dedicated Merida fan!

Morgan with Merida, WDW 2012

With this in mind, I am so thrilled that we finally have a Polyneisan Princess joining the ever expanding list of Disney royalty for lots of little girl's to look up to. If you've not yet watch the trailer, you can do so here:

Please let me know your first thoughts so far; I would love to know if this is on your 'to watch' list or if you think Moana looks missable...

- MercedesLois

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