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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Another Ten Disney Inspired LUSH Products

After the huge success of my last Disney inspired LUSH products post, I have decided to make another... and here it is! Enjoy*

1. Tangled Hot Oil Treatment

After my first Disney inspired LUSH post, a very good friend of mine and subsequently, fellow 'LUSHie' and Disney fan text me immediately saying, "What about the Tangled hair treatment?" and of course, he was right. I can not believe that I didn't include this in the first post! A particular favourite of mine, this hot oil treatment from LUSH is sure to give you hair even Rapunzel would envy. Whilst the paste can be quite sticky to apply and wash out afterwards, this rosewood and ylang ylang treatment leaves my hair in great condition and smelling fit for a Princess!

Pooh Stix Bath Bomb

Named after everybody's favourite bear and more specifically his favourite game to play in the 100 Acre Wood, LUSH bring us a comforting yet spicy blend of cinnamon and liquorice in this neat little bath bomb. Although discontinued currently, keep your eyes open as I believe this will be making an appearance in the LUSH Kitchen soon!
3. Enchanted Eye Cream

At age 24, under eye products aren't really at the forefront of my mind BUT after noticing a few fine lines recently, this is changing rapidly! I have been searching high and low for a decent eye cream that isn't too costly and beauty bloggers and articles keep sending me in the direction of Enchanted. I'm yet to give it a try but I'm hoping that once I have applied this cream, I'll wake up in a Manhattan apartment, refreshed and youthful with birds sewing my dresses and my very own lawyer Prince Charming!

4. Tramp Perfume

"and they call it Bella Notre." Be the ultimate 'Lady' with this gorgeous perfume that cleverly combines earthy notes with deep, seductive spices. Woof, woof!

5. Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Whilst Woody, Buzz and Jessie may have decided to stay at Bonnie's House, you can still have fun and play with the gang over at Sunnyside! Marrying the scents of lemon, tangerine and sweet orange, this golden, citrusy bubble bar will certainly inject some sunshine into your bath!

This product is, without a doubt, one of my firm favourites and potentially the product that really started my love affair with LUSH! After the sad news that Disney's Hollywood Studios will be closing the beloved Honey I Shrunk The Kids play area in Orlando, what better way to mourn the loss than by having a gloriously divine wash with this beautiful caramel and honey fragrance! And, if you love it as much as I do, why not try the accompanying...

7. Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar

Now I haven't actually tried this shampoo bar yet but, if it's anything like the soap, then this too is at the top of my recommendation list. Targeting the condition of your hair to produce soft, tangle-free locks, the caramel, honey, orange and bergamot in this product will not only leave your hair smelling gorgeous but feeling flawless too!

8. The Godmother Soap

'Put 'em together and what have you got? Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.' Another 'retro-LUSH' product that will hopefully make a come back soon in the Kitchen, The Godmother soap has a very similar fragrance to the very popular Snow Fairy shower gel with hints of candy floss and bubble gum. Yum, yum!

9. Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar

How gorgeous are these mushrooms! Whether they're twirling around to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker music in Disney's Fantasia or being crumbled before entering the warmth of your bath water, these strawberry and vanilla scented little guys are just too cute! Currently discontinued, I am really hoping that they reappear in time for Summer in the LUSH Kitchen.

10. Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub

Image courtesy of AllThingsLushUK
Another cutie, we'll name him Mickey! The traditional LUSH Sugar Scrub is another of my all time favourite products, loved by me so much so that I find it difficult to believe that it can be improved. But of course, add a tail and two chocolate button ears and voila! An even better little product! A candy scented Christmas product from 2014, I really hope that this one makes an appearance again soon! It all started with a mouse...

*I could have not made this list without the help of the wonderful Jen at AllThingsLushUK for her expertise on all products, especially the discontinued ones!

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