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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Another Ten Disney Inspired LUSH Products

After the huge success of my last Disney inspired LUSH products post, I have decided to make another... and here it is! Enjoy*

1. Tangled Hot Oil Treatment

After my first Disney inspired LUSH post, a very good friend of mine and subsequently, fellow 'LUSHie' and Disney fan text me immediately saying, "What about the Tangled hair treatment?" and of course, he was right. I can not believe that I didn't include this in the first post! A particular favourite of mine, this hot oil treatment from LUSH is sure to give you hair even Rapunzel would envy. Whilst the paste can be quite sticky to apply and wash out afterwards, this rosewood and ylang ylang treatment leaves my hair in great condition and smelling fit for a Princess!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

My Thoughts: Disney's The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book; a Walt Disney classic and firm favourite of literary enthusiasts everywhere. As the last animated project for Walt Disney himself to actively work on before his death in 1966, Disney's 1967 animated adaptation has become somewhat of a shining star amongst the Disney community and fans of the 'official' Disney classics. For this reason, you may be shocked to discover that I, Mercedes, the self-proclaimed Disney expert and fanatic of all things animated, have never been much of a Jungle Book fan...

This said, I needed to see the live action adaptation. Yes, needed! And so, last night, I walked into the cinema with an open mind, willing this movie to be brilliant. And, it was. It truly was just that.

Monday, 18 April 2016

You are going to be so excited when you see this NEW Urban Decay eyeshadow palette


That is the sound of my complete and utter excitement as I have just learnt the nature of Urban Decay's newest eyeshadow palette...


Friday, 8 April 2016

Disney's Magic Kingdoms... again!

Hey everyone!

I have persevered with the Disney's Magic Kingdoms app and as promised, will share with you my thoughts now that I am 'slightly' more informed. 

First of all, I have now unlocked some new characters so that has made for slightly more interesting gameplay! Each character has unique tasks that they can perform for a designated time of your choosing which range from a few minutes to several hours. Basically, it's the exact same structure as The Simpsons: Tapped Out mobile app in that the longer your character continues their task, the larger the reward you receive... and the more bored with the game you will become! Exchanging The Simpsons 'doughnut' currency with diamonds, players will quickly discover that in order to be able to fully enjoy this game without time restrictions and with quick progression, you need to part with REAL CASH.