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Monday, 1 February 2016

JK Rowling reveals more of the Wizarding World

Okay, so it's not quite Disney but it's certainly magical news! JK Rowling, author of my favourite book series of all time, has just revealed a little more about the Wizarding World in the way of four additional Wizarding Schools that are said to be located around us all! No longer is magic something seemingly exclusive to Western Europeans. Yay! 

Released on Harry Potter fan-site Pottermore, Rowling's writing feeds us Muggles a delightful variety of satisfying detail. My personal favourite inclusion? Colour changing robes representative of a student's academic success at Japanese institution Mahoutokoro. If a student achieves top grades across all subjects, their robes turn gold. If a student turns to dark magic, their robes will become white and they'll be immediately expelled! Cool, huh? This gorgeous little snippet reminded me very much of martial arts practitioners and how their different coloured belts map their triumphs throughout their sport. A wonderful touch from Rowling and again, a perfect example of how she uses clever nods and homages to culture, history and literature throughout the magical world which she has created for us all. Other schools revealed include South American school Castelobruxo and African Uagodou pronounced Wag-a-doo.

Rowling also provides us with a little bit more infomation about Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Dumstrang Institute which are of course, both notably referenced in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. And last but certainly not least (in actual fact, probably the most anticipated piece of information of all!) Rowling has revealed the name of a fourth new school: Ilvermorny. This revelation comes with much excitement as it is said to be located in North America. Finally, the huge Harry Potter fan base across the pond have something exclusively for them in the Wizarding World. There will be many happy people I am sure!

To read a little more about Rowling's lowdown on the newly revealed schools, click here.

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