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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Custom Ears

Morgan's Baymax Ears
Bonjour Princesses and Princes,
There is currently something infiltrating the Parisian Disney Parks. Something already huge in the States, something exciting, something unique... it is of course Custom Ears.

I purchased my Princess Jasmine Custom Ears ahead of my visit to Disneyland Paris and I was so pleased that I did. Not only did Princess Jasmine  and the cast members adore them, lots of other characters including Snow White and her Prince, Mickey, Tiana and Suzy and Perla made a real fuss of them too. If you have young children that are really into meeting with the characters, this is certainly a great way for them to have a unique experience with the characters as they're just such a fun conversation opener and will make your children stand out. 

My Custom Jasmine Ears
I also got some Custom Baymax Ears for my sister but unfortunately, I don't think that many characters were familiar with their new pal and his movie, Big Hero 6. She loves them anyway and the Baymax design is huge currently in Orlando.

If you were wondering where I purchased my ears from, I used a company called EarTwinsBowtique which is two lovely ladies located in Chicago called Amanda and Ashley. You can check out their designs here.

Custom Ears are definitely on the up in Paris. I saw several pairs during my visit but they are still nowhere near as popular as in California and Orlando
I can't wait to take them to Shanghai this Autumn; I may even invest in a new pair!

If you have any questions about Custom Ears or any other Disney related matter, as ever, give me a quick message in the comments.


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